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Indeed, our association created in 2004 by a few volunteers revolted from the disease whose small Athina was reached, decided to meet regularly to find the financial resources to accelerate scientific research on this orphan disease.

We asked individuals and corporations, created sporting and cultural events, organized and participated in Congress on Ichthyosis, mastered our overhead costs amounted to less than 700 euros in 2014 and many other transactions that we allowed during this period, receiving about 450 000 euros.

Centres following searches:

- Nice University Hospital - Dr. Christine CHIAVERINI

- National Genotyping Center (DEBRE Association) in Evry - Dr. Judith FISHER

- Syngros Hospital in Athens - Professor Nicolas Stavrianeas

- Instituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata Rome - Dr. Gianna Zambruno

- Necker Institute in Paris - Professor and Professor Alain HOVNANIAN BODEMER

- Department of Dermatology, Hôpital Purpan in Toulouse - Dr. Julia Mazereeuw-HAUTIER

- Ospedale Bambino Gesù in Rome Pediatrico - Dr. Zambruno

- Association Midi-Pyrenees Toulouse Health - Dr Mazereeuw-HAUTIER

Selected after bids by our Scientific Advisory Board, the Research Centres have received nearly 98% of donations received.

The results of this research that now appear in the "current results" demonstrate that our cause was not in vain, but much work remains to be done to improve the diagnosis, treatment and genetic counseling of Ichthyosis congenital or other forms.



Delphine has been fighting for years for his two children, Tom and Lili-Rose. World Rare Disease Day takes place Saturday, February 28th. The opportunity for ichthyosis Association France (AIF) to inform the general public, this little-known disease, and the actions of its members.

The opportunity also for families to get out of their daily lives and to reach out to his fellow citizens to inform. This will be the case for Delphine Martinho, local correspondent of the AIF and bellerivoise mom of two children, Tom and Lili-Rose, both with ichthyosis since birth.

ichthyosis, also known as "baby-collodion" is a rare genetic disease that mainly affects the skin. It is characterized by extremely dry, rough skin, and the presence of an excessive amount of "dead skin dandruff" which stand continually.

There is, to date, no treatment to cure. It is a chronic disease that can only try to improve the application of creams, taking oral medications and spa treatments.

All of these constraints, Delphine suffers for years. However, Tom and Lili-Rose are in school. In addition, Tom practice rugby and archery, while his little sister prefers dancing and horseback riding.

Information. To the AIF,,

These same constraints arise for parents of Athina for over 10 years now that despite her illness also follows a normal school with extra-activities. A lot of courage for Parents and Children.




Congress in 2015 "Seminar of Pediatric Dermatology Necker Hospital for Sick Children" will be held Friday, June 26, 2015 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. Over 700 participants expected.

This day is intended for dermatologists and paediatricians liberal or hospital, general practitioners, pharmacists, and interns.médecins, GPs, pharmacists, interns and nurses.

You will find all the information on this site






Professor Juliet MAZEREEW sent to us the project "Ichthyosis and kallikrein" that we funded in October 2012 This project will be focused on identifying targets in thérapeuthiques inherited ichthyosis: study of the expression and regulation of kallikrein.

You will find this study under "CURRENT RESULTS" on this page.


Our Association has 10 years


On the occasion of 10 years of our association, a great evening, under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, will be held May 6, 2014.

Indeed, at 7 p.m a concert at the Opera Garnier offer an exceptional piano recital by virtuose Fichier PDF (112ko.)JOSEF BULVA.

This concert will be followed by a Gala Dinner to be held at the Hotel Hermitage (Eiffel lounge) from 9 p.m.

You will find the reservation form Fichier PDF (112ko.) HERE.

you can print it and send it in along with your check.

This event whose proceeds will be donated in full to the association, was possible through the financial support from the Banking Corporation GCI FINANCIAL (Global Leaders in Online Trading)

The objective of the AAIM for 2014 is to gather 150,000 euros to achieve the major goal of the association : further research for the good of all.




Congress in 2014 "Seminar of Pediatric Dermatology Necker Hospital for Sick Children" will be held Friday, June 27, 2014 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. Over 700 participants expected.

This day is intended for dermatologists and paediatricians liberal or hospital, general practitioners, pharmacists, and interns.médecins, GPs, pharmacists, interns and nurses.

You will find all the information on this site



The Annual General Meeting was held in Monaco on 31 March. A paticulier item drew attention of the audience on the annual expenditure of the Profit and Loss Account of the association.

Indeed, they have been raised only 485.44 euros, down 25% compared to the previous year.

This shows that almost 100% of donations received from our members or events are intended for research.


Fair of the School of Révoires


Once again, the Director of the School of Révoires gave our Association in front of a panel of schoolchildren and Athina, a check for 500 euros. The fruit of the School Braderie organized last June. Thank you children



Research Centres we fund for 10 years now, thanks to your donations, send to us regularly reports on their scientific advancements in their research. Recently Dr. Giovanna Zambruno from the Instituto Dermopatico dell'Immaculata in Rome and Dr. Christine CHIAVERINI from the Department of Dermatology, Archet 2 Hospital in Nice, sent us some very interesting informations.

You will find these reports under "CURRENT RESULTS" on this page.



Dr Giovanna Zambruno from Molléculaire Laboratory and Biological Unit of the Instituto Dermopatico dell'Immaculata Rome just send us a summary of their activities that are funded from our Association.

You will find this summary we received. Fichier PDF (112ko.) HERE.

Under "RESULTS IN PROGRESS" you will find a new "Clinical Report" published by the journal Acta Derm Venereol and which we financed a portion of these results.




LIONS CLUB of Monaco organizes an humoristic evening in our favor Friday, April 26, 2013 at the Hotel Hermitage, Salle Belle Epoque, Monaco.

You will find all the details and the registration form of this Fichier PDF (112ko.)evening for the AAIM.

Come many !!!


What has happened during the year 2012, in our Association ?

The most important point was, thanks to you, to fund three research centers for a total of 70,000 euros. You can find details in this WebSite (heading "Tender").

Did you know that since the creation of our Association in January 2005, we have funded research centers for a total of 383,000 euros and always thanks to your donations.

But we made a small step to the colossal task that researchers have before them since this orphan disease that is the ICHTHYOSIS, takes hours and hours of research to correct the genetic defect or primary key.

Ichthyosis inherited are part of rare diseases, called orphan diseases, and the research funding is almost dependent on private funds.

Thank you to renew your membership in 2013 by filling the form you will find in the "Membership Form" and send it with your check. Easier to use card payment fully secure.


Flamme postale


For more than a week, the Post Office Stamps of Monaco has appear on all mail posted in the Principality with a flame postal abbreviation of our association.


Our results tenders

The Chairman of our Scientific Committee, Professor Jean-Philippe Lacour, we announced the synthesis evaluators on various tenders that our association has received from research centers. All underline the importance of three projects that were highly rated. We therefore unblock the amount of 70,000 euros in the coming weeks. We will tell you in a few days in the head "Call for Tender 2012" a summary of each project accepted.

Please note that since the creation of our association in 2005, we funded Research Centers for a total of 383,828 euros. Research Ichthyoses forward, we must continue for all children with this terrible disease. Only your donations allow us to continue to fight.




Friendly reception hosted by the ROTARY CLUB of Beausoleil, Roquebrune Cap Martin, La Turbie and Eze for the delivery of the check to our Association. Indeed, ROTARY CLUB was organized in June with Studio Monaco a theatrical evening was a huge success.




Our association has joined as an associate member the European network of associations of patients with ichthyosis: ENI (European Network for Ichtyosis). This election was held in Brussels last May. The European Network for ichthyosis is an international network run by national European patients associations. ENI is a common voice for ichthyosis patients ichthyosis and a partner for authorities on a European level.




The ROTARY CLUB of Beausoleil, in collaboration with the Studio de Monaco organized June 26, 2012 at "Théâtre des Variétés" in Monaco a play called " fil à la patte" by Georges Feydeau. The benefit of this evening will be for our Association.



Monthly "L'Observateur de Monaco" published in its edition for the month of May 2012 an article about our Association.

Founded in 2004, "Association Athina Ichthyosis Monaco" fighting a rare disease: ichthyosis. Objective: To support research by raising funds. With a prestigious sponsor, Flavie Flament. And as a little girl mascot Athina. Read more Fichier PDF (112ko.)article de l'Observateur de Monaco.


The "word" from the PRESIDENT

Our President, Gerard COMMAN, comments on our activities that took place during this year. These comments were sent to all members by post and email. It is more and more difficult to raise funds, but the fight must continue against the ichthyoses because advances in research makes us optimistic. We need you, we need your donations.

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Our Association, once again, named in a specialised magazine

Professor MAZEREEUW-HAUTIER published October 11, 2011 in the journal "British Journal of Dermatology" information on the factors influencing quality of life in patients inherited ichthyosis. This study follows our contribution on the research we've funded in 2009.

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The Night of the Associations


The "Night of the Associations" held on November 30 2011 at the Salle des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, under the patronage and in presence of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

In February 2012, we had the pleasure of receiving a check for 10,000 euros, representing a portion of funds collected by the "Night of Associations" they had divided into several Associations.



Our association named in a specialized magazine


Results of research team of Dr. Giovanna ZAMBRUNO published in the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2011) - Volume 13"



Since 2005

Web site : New Look !

The realization of this new presentation of this site was performed voluntarely by our Canadian friend Serge. We congratulate the quality of his work and we thank him for his big heart.



On Facebook

L'ICHTYOSE - Qu'est ce que c'est? on FACEBOOK. Guillaume MANEUF does a remarkable work on the behaviour of this website with much of testimonies and informations. To discover.



Race spirit

Fabien Debaucheron gives a direction to its competitions by supporting our association.

Fabien a réalisé un site oeuvrant pour la maladie d'Athina.



Research 2009

Our invitations to tender of the Year 2009 for research were stripped and 5 research centers were indicated to share the sum of 148.800 euros. The cheque was given to Professor LACOUR at the time of the annual evening of Association.

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Transparency of our association

An article of press on the transparency of our association was published on the TV MAGAZINE of the FIGARO of the 30/04/2006.

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The newspaper "Nice-Matin" reports, in its article of November 20 2005, a testimony on the ichtyose with the following title "Athina, the disease on edge".

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